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DSCN1777Online dating — everybody’s doing it, but not always with a great deal of success. It can be hard to make a great first impression over a two-dimensional digital screen, but it’s important — a sub-par profile can keep you permanently in “idle.” As a professional writer with years of experience, I can help you create a more attractive online dating profile. In the Boise, ID, area or remotely, my services range from simple editing to creating a complete online profile for Match, POF, OkCupid, etc.

Whether you need a little or a lot of help, I can:

  • Clean up spelling/grammar mistakes
  • Edit and polish your writing
  • Help you select photos
  • Improve your photos with Photoshop
  • Do a complete write up for you

Your Online Dating Profile – Make a Better Impression

On any dating website, a compelling profile is your key to quality contacts, favorable responses, and more frequent meet-ups. Online dating is all about 1) your pictures and 2) the way you come across in a few short paragraphs.

Many dating profiles are too wordy, overly formal, negative, demanding – or just sloppy. Studies  show that misspellings and incorrect word usage make a poor impression, and unflattering or inappropriate pictures are instant deal breakers.

Don’t make mistakes, waste time, and lose a prospective partner who could be your perfect match. I have found love over the internet myself. It CAN work, and your profile is key.

Writing and Photography Services

My services range from $65 for profile editing and photo selection (choosing from your existing photos)  to $95 for complete profile writing.  Also offered for local clients is photography services for your dating profile or Tinder page. I specialize in naturally-lit portraits that don’t look overly formal or “professional” –you want to look good, but not like you’re trying too hard. These are flattering, casual pictures that might have been shot by a friend.

One half-hour of photography + edited digital prints in the Boise area is $100.  Below are some sample photos:

Trish              DSCN0288x


Contact Me

To get in touch with me about writing or photo services, please contact me online here. I look forward to helping you make the right impression and get on with your (love) life!

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